Saturday, 14 March 2009

Day 1

Following our 6am start we reached Cosby beach just before 7am, where the Westerly wind was gusting force 5-6. The conditions where choppy on the sheltered channel, but manageable. Having interviewed us for a future North West tonight item BBC reporter, Colin Sykes, waved us off as we paddled towards the comparatively sheltered shore of New Brighton.The upper reaches were exposed to the strengthening Westerly, and we managed a downwind surf to Hale Head. Liz chose the next stretch for a gust-assisted impromptu swim, before we passed the Runcorn-Widnes bridge and landed at Wigg Island.
The remaining one hour paddle on the Bridgewater Canal brought us uneventfully to Preston Brook where Andrew and Anne welcomed us aboard their narrow boat, and where our first day has now ended.
Wildlife of the day is Barnacles - because these are the only living things that didn't get blown away.

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