Wednesday, 18 March 2009

day 5

This has been a day of contrasts. Most of us started on the road assisted by Richard who once again has come to our rescue.
The canal is currently un-navigable in the Cooper Bridge area; firstly because a weir has collapsed leaving the canal without any water, and secondly because a bridge is being replaced which means that the towpath is closed. Glen, Liz and I got a lift with the kayaks to Mirfield. Jean chose to run the distance so as not to leave a break in the route and keep some sense of completeness.
There has been far greater distance between locks today but the take outs and put ins have been quite challenging, the crux was a 5 foot wall to climb out on to the bank.

The weather has been amazing considering the time of year. We have been roasting in our kayaks whilst paddling hard, but also finding time to enjoy some of the mellow moments reminiscent of sultry summer afternoons.
Wildlife of the day is the Gnat and having suffered them and even inhaled a few, we were happy to find some ending up as spider fodder.

Finally we have made it to the Bridge Inn just outside Castleford where we have been made to feel heartily welcome.

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