Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Day 4

Eager to get on with the task ahead we got on the water at Smithybridge before 8 o'clock. 4 miles and the last 12 exhausting, uphill locks lay between us and the summit of the Rochdale Canal.

The summit celebration was brief and muted by the prospect of yet more locks to carry our kayaks around. At least these would be down hill.

The Great Wall of Todmorden loomed over us as we made our way to Hebden Bridge. We Reached Mytholmroyd by 4 o'clock by which time Liz and I were exhausted from portaging and could go no further. Richard, a local paddler offered Liz and I a lift to the Black Bull in Brighouse whilst Jean and Glen carried on with the remaining 9 miles.

Jean and Glen finished the day's paddling with a portage of a questionable and discreet nature.

Once reunited we celebrated with a fish supper washed down with a pint of Guiness.

Wildlife of the day is this deceased Brown Trout destined for someones little dishy.


  1. Hi Lizzie!I've been following your journey - it looks fab!I hoped to see you in Mirfield - am working there on Thursday, but am guessing now I've seen you munching chips in Brighouse you'll be long gone by then?Maybe you can give me a call/text and I can catch up with you somewhere else? Love g&m xx

  2. It's hard work that uphill paddlin'
    Guinness is the ideal re-hydration fluid.
    Looking good team!