Friday, 20 March 2009

Day 7

We have arrived safely at the little village of Paull which is to the east of Hull on the north shore of the Humber Estuary.

In the morning it was apparent that Glen's tummy trouble had taken a turn for the worse. Liz had been suffering with back pain over the last couple of days and also took the day off leaving the paddling to Jean and I.

We got on to the murky waters of the Dutch River shortly before 1-00pm and soon began making our way down the River Ouse against the last of the flooding tide. The tide had turned in our favour by the time we stopped for a quick snack where the Ouse meets the Trent, the Humber Estuary.

Once we caught sight of the Humber Bridge it didn't seem to get any closer for what seemed ages. Finally we landed on the stony beach beneath the bridge to put on extra clothing and have a quick snack. Our spirits were lifted when we were greeted ashore by Glen, Liz and local paddler Sabina who gave us some invaluable help for the day.

Following the pit stop we got under way once again paddling with a sense of urgency in the hope of landing before dark. Once passsed St Georges dock we met with a force 3+ headwind - the last thing we needed! Despite the extra chore Jean and I landed on the mud at Paull at 6-45pm and were greeted ashore once again by Glen, Liz and Sabina.

Jim Deighton welcomed into his home in the Old Lighthous, which he runs as a B&B and before long we were all off to the Humber Tavern for a few beers and some hearty pub tucker.

Wildlife of the day is the solitary Short Eared Owl that we saw in the upper reaches of the estuary. Sadly neither Jean or I could take a photo at the time.


  1. Happy Birthday for Saturday Lizzie xx Hope you're still being careful lifting kayaks ,,, don't want you to be joining me in the retired superwoman club! Lots v love, see you soon, g x

  2. Happy Birthday Liz, and congratulations...
    Love Richard + Wendy