Sunday, 22 February 2009

Preparation, Training & Sponsorship

Its three weeks before the start of our adventure and we have already collected £265 for the RNLI via our charity web page on 'Justgiving'. The diverse nature of our day jobs makes it quite difficult for us to meet regularly but we managed a short paddle together along the Bridgewater Canal on Saturday morning.

We have also managed to enlist some support from the canoeing and kayaking industry. Thanks to 'Peak UK' we will have some lightweight clothing from their 'Tourlite' range. 'Kayaks North West' have teamed up with 'P&H Custom Sea Kayaks' as trip sponsors and will be supplying us with 2 kayaks for the voyage and will welcome us to their premises beside the canal at Runcorn at the end of our first day. They took particular interest in 'Kayak Coast 2 Coast' because the unique nature of the journey and our involvement in their local waters.


  1. Glad that it is all coming together. I'm sorry that I am unable to take part but the new job requires me to be in Norway at that time.

    Good luck with the weather,


    (PS - I like the banner at the top of the site!)

  2. Having had a lifeboat fish me out of the drink, the RNLI is dear to my heart so I've just sent you a few shillings for your troubles.

    Hope your paddles take you wonderfu places.