Sunday, 18 January 2009

Plotting and Scheming

The plans for 'Kayak Coast 2 Coast' are gradually coming together. Distances have been measured, tides (for the tidal sections) have been checked and accommodation is being booked. This is a journey of exploration with a difference. Most sea kayak voyages take place in wild places far from our homes, often in different countries sometimes on the other side of the world. Running a close parallel to the walkers / cyclists 'Trans-Pennine Trail', our journey will pass right through the very cities and suburbs from which we, and thousands of other outdoor enthusiasts seek escape every weekend.

The idea that an adventure in the outdoors can begin from a city bound doorstep is not new. The idea for this journey came from my early paddling trips on the Bridgewater Canal. In the beginning I would take my kayak to the canal on a portage trolley and paddle 30km to keep myself fit in the winter months. The challenge in paddling 292km in 8 days means paddling an average of 36-37km per day. On days 3-6 we will encounter over 120 locks. We will have to lift our kayaks out of the water and carry them (portage) around each lock or set of locks. We will finish each day in a pre-determined place, normally a bed and breakfast or pub with rooms where we can stay for the night.

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